Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Change Challenge–Week Three

This past week I was ok but not consistent.  I did try a new recipe and I did my dance central.  The dancing is really good but it is a workout.  I discovered the workout mode in dance central.  Very cool!!!

I did really like the post of self talk.  I am doing to implement that.


* I will continue with the changes of week 1 and 2.
* Do positive talk
* Walk on the treadmill
*add one day of weight training

Week Two
* do stand up ab work (I found the exercise at the WW magazine)
* try a new recipe
*do dance central one day or dance to a video

Week One
* exercise 3 days this week
* 8+ glasses of water 
* do ab-doer every day



Scrapping Julie said...

awesome. good for you!!

Miss Molly said...

I am inspired! Keep up the great work!!!