Monday, March 10, 2008

Direct To Rubber Class

Sorry I have not blogged in a bit but just wasn't motivated. I am finally getting some motivation back.

I attend a Direct To Rubber (DTR) class at my local stamp store. It was very fun and very creative on all fronts. We used Marvy markers and then you just start to color you stamp that way you want and then you mist with water. Now something that I learned is use glossy paper and boy that makes all the difference. Now I still don't have the 3 colors of markers down. Just have not gotten a hang of the which way the light falls concept. Practice makes Practice. Anyways you can also some stipple brusheswith the markers and it gives you a different effect. It was fun but now I have to get some Marvey Markers well maybe or maybe not. Here are my creations:


Lori J said...

You did a great job. That is always a fun way to stamp. :0)