Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing Again

Well I was playing today and changing the colors and the title picture. Is the orange to much, should I change it to white?


Kerry J. said...

I like the orange - I'd keep it. I do find the title a little hard to read amid the crayons - maybe a bolder font? Looks awesome though!!

Lori J said...

I like the color. It seems too plain with just white. :0)

Melissa McCarthy said...

I like the orange. Did you know that you can choose more colours than are just on blogger. They're called hex codes and can be found here:

(or other sites)

Stampin' up colours can be matched here:

Sorry for using up so much space, :0) Mel

Michelle said...

I think the orange is fabulous, especially with your pencils.

RockyMountainStamper said...

Kewl!!! Now you just need to tell me how your did it!

Looks awesome!

Rosella said...

Looks fabulous to me!

ktstamps said... you want to tutor me in blogger headings! :) Great idea and a great site! kt