Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What do you Think?

I was just checked on the web and someone already calls themselves JazzyDesigns so I am going to change mine, but I don't know what I should do. So I am thinking about following:

SydneyD Designs

SydneyD Creations

ChanderHill Designs

Darsel Designs

S.Darsel Designs

Or should I just keep it JazzyDesigns.

I am partial to SydneyD Designs because it is my daughters' name and that she didn't
live long, so that way I will always thinking about her. I don't need a name of do that but it just makes me warm and fuzzy feeling.


Michelle said...

I like SydneyD Creations, just thinking from the typing perspective. Lots of errors typing two d's in a row, especially if it's going to be a website (sydneyddesigns. vs sydneydcreations). The second will be easier to type out.

Either one, though, has such a beautiful sentiment behind it.

A.Lee said...

I agree that you should include your daughter's name. She will be your little creation angel.