Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where o Where...

I was checking everyones blogs and noticed that Stampin with Bubbasprincess (Stacy) had put a call on us (members of SBS) for doing a rak and some other stuff. Check it out, she mentions the Rak on the Dec. 11 entry.

Have a great Holiday.

PhotoShop Elements 6

I finally decided to get PhotoShop Elements 6. I was just going to use what was loaded on the pc which I believe was Phototshop Starter Elements, then I downloaded the free trial of elements and played with it. It has me intrigued and I want to know more. Don't ask me how I stumbled on it but the PSE6 newsletter was very help. I was sold.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Still Making Cards

Boy I am still making cards. LOL!!!. Here are some of the other cards that I have made

What do you Think?

I was just checked on the web and someone already calls themselves JazzyDesigns so I am going to change mine, but I don't know what I should do. So I am thinking about following:

SydneyD Designs

SydneyD Creations

ChanderHill Designs

Darsel Designs

S.Darsel Designs

Or should I just keep it JazzyDesigns.

I am partial to SydneyD Designs because it is my daughters' name and that she didn't
live long, so that way I will always thinking about her. I don't need a name of do that but it just makes me warm and fuzzy feeling.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Boy it has been a long time

Well it has been a long time I have posted. I had good intentions and then I was tired a bit, then I just wasn't motivated. Don't know why.

I did clean up my room but then again I messed it up again. Well something good happened I finally fiinshed the cards I was done for my friends cards. Thank goodness ! (wiping brow) But lets not focus on what I could have done better but what I have done. Yeah me. !!!!!

I finally started my christmas cards and I got some of them done (let me see 3) Oh that funny. Well I went to the store because of course I ran off adhesive. Man I just didn't realize how much I use. I need a good deal on buying adhesive. Any suggestions?????
Back to what I was saying, I went Archivers (you would think I would know better) but I had a good intentions to just go get the adhesive and then come home but..... of course they had to have the stamps showcased for the sesaon and I liked 2 of them by Impression Obession they were both of Crhistmas trees but a little twist on them. I was good I didn't get them but who knows......

So then I starting thinking I don't want snowmen for my theme but Christmas trees. and now of course I don't have a lot of Christmas trees and that means I have to purchase more. HEHEHEHEHE...........